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Direct Knowledge

Stranges Florists

Stranges operates 4 garden center, nursery and florist shops in the Richmond Virginia area. Direct Knowledge added extensive customization to a shopping cart system to address the unique requirements of the floral industry.

Key Features

  • Stranges can easily customize the website for ever-changing seasons and holidays.
  • Banner management system allows Stranges to create graphic banners, slideshows and featured product banners, and to deploy them in various website sections and pages.
  • Delivery date management system allows Stranges to specify rules for when various delivery options are available and charges for premium delivery services.
  • Delivery date/charge function included within checkout to allow customer to specify the date/time desired for delivery, delivery instructions and request optional delivery notification via text or email.
  • Stranges can specify any number of add-on items (e.g. balloons, teddy bears, chocolates), for various items (based on item categories).
  • Lookup function for local hospitals, funeral homes, etc. allows customers to lookup delivery addresses.
  • Stranges can offer both local and national products, where local products are available only for local delivery and national products can be wired to another florist for delivery.
  • In-store order printing system automatically prints website orders for fulfillment.
  • Search engine optimization resulting in top-10 rankings for local (Richmond, Virginai) searches for Strange's product pages.


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