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Custom Web Applications

Web applications are interactive systems that make use of software and databases running on the web server with the web browser serving as the user interface. Examples include online stores, content management systems and discussion forums. For many websites, we make use of standard/commercial web applications which we customize to meet the project requirements. In many cases, the project requirements call for a custom web application, with unique features and functionality that can provide a crucial business advantage.

Based on our extensive experience in developing our own web application products, we are highly skilled in developing custom web applications. Examples include:

  • Business management systems, to address unique requirements for customer ordering, order status management, inventory management, order fulfillment, customer support, billing, document management, reporting and more.
  • Membership management systems, to address unique requirements for membership application processing, dues renewals, event registration, continuing education and more.
  • Intranet and extranet applications: to provide information and services to a company's employees (intranet) or to people outside the company such as customers or vendors (extranet).
  • See additional example in our portfolio.
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