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Direct Knowledge

Community Housing Network

CHN is a nonprofit organization committed to providing homes for people in need. Direct Knowledge helped CHN redesign their extensive website, to have a fresh new design, to improve website navigation, and to make use of a better Content Management System (CMS) so that they can make website updates more quickly and easily.

Their old website was designed at a now-outdated 800x600 resolution and suffered from poor navigation, mostly due to the website having grown to several hundred pages without much re-architecture work. CHN also struggled with making website updates due to an outdated CMS and the overgrown page/navigation structure.

New and Improved

For CHN, we first completed a requirements definition project to identify detailed specifications for graphic design, information architecture, features and functionality. Then, based on the identified requirements, we created the new website, using our ActiveK CMS.

Key Features

  • Multiple levels of navigation and sub-navigation menus let you know where you are and guide you to the information you want.
  • Built-in online store allows CHN to 'sell' a variety of items, mostly related to fundraising, including donations for various CHN programs.
  • Roommate database application to allow people to register and look for roommates.
  • Via the ActiveK CMS, CHN staff manage all website content including articles, photos, documents, and items for sale.
  • ActiveK security controls which CHN staff have access to update various website sections.


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