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ActiveK Content Management System

ActiveK is a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) designed to produce highly interactive websites that can be easily managed by non-technical people, such as your marketing department or administrative staff. Although ActiveK provides extensive 'back end' administrative functionality, most of your website updates are done via the 'front end', within the context of the website itself. As a result, ActiveK is much more intuitive, and therefore easier to use, than most CMS's.

ActiveK features include:

  • Multi-level category/subcategory structure provides great flexibility in organizing content and presenting it within the website.
  • Page layout templates are used to create any number of sections on a given page (or group of pages), and to fill each section with content based on category, specific articles, date range, etc.
  • A powerful WYSIWYG word processor allows you to edit content using familiar tools. An integrated 'asset manager' allows you to upload and manage the image and document files to be presented within the website. Via the word processor, you can easily add interactive content like slideshows and embedded videos.
  • A security matrix allows you to control which users have rights to update various sections of the website, a must-have feature when you have different groups responsible for different sections of the website.
  • Membership management functionality is included for membership organizations such as associations and country clubs. Members can register online, update their own profile/contact information and browse a directory of members. Administrative users can send bulk email to selected member groups, formatted using the same WYSIWYG word processor, and including images and links to documents.
  • Online store functionality is included to allow you to sell both hard goods and soft goods such as charitable contributions and sponsorships. Any number of product options can be associated with each item (e.g. 'color', 'size' or 'contribution type'). Shipping costs can be calculated via a variety of methods including real-time lookup based on weight and destination. Secure checkout includes real-time credit card processing via Administrative users can browse customer/order information and manage order status with email notifications sent to the customer.
  • Calendar function presents multiple color-coded categories of events, with popup boxes to present brief event details, and links to full event details including images and linked documents.
  • Search function allows users to locate content anywhere within the website, including articles, store items, calendar events or bulk emails.
  • And much more.
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