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Website Development

Once we've created the designs, we can then embark on the development process, including building the website, programming web applications, loading web content, and preparing all of these components for deployment. Direct Knowledge is highly skilled in both in web development and in managing web development projects. We build websites and web applications that are easy to use, capable, manageable and highly reliable. We build them on time, on budget and on target. It's what we do.

Project Plan and Website Architecture

Before we begin development, we create a project plan and website architecture to guide the development process. The project plan represents a prioritized plan of attack for developing all of the pages, applications, databases, and content that will be included in the website. The website architecture represents the specific systems, technologies and techniques that will be applied to produce the website.

Standards, Languages, Tools & Techniques

To provide the best experience to the broadest audience, we make use of the most widespread standards, languages, tools and techniques. Our websites function well in all of the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and on the most popular computer and mobile devices. We make use of standard HTML, CSS and Javascript to ensure that our websites work well both now and in the future. We test our websites with a variety of tools to identify errors, verify compliance with standards and to optimize speed and browsing experience.


We consider usability at each step of the design/development process. Our developers work closely with our designers during the design phase to ensure that the proposed designs can be implemented within a workable website structure. Whether it's a basic brochure website or a sophisticated e-commerce application, it has to be easy for site visitors to use and easy for you to update.

Mobile Devices

More often every day, people are visiting websites via mobile devices, including tablet computers and smartphones.  We can help you create a website that works well on both computers and mobile devices, yet is easily managed.  That means that you can update your website once with content organized and formatted well on a variety of devices.  

Focus on Membership Organizations

Direct Knowledge offers ActiveK, a full-featured content management system, with features well-suited to the requirements of membership organizations such as associations, clubs, churches, and neighborhood associations.   more

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