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Search Engine Optimization

Web search has become the primary way by which people find the companies, products and ideas that they are looking for. And whether they know it or not, people are becoming ever-smarter in how they go about searching. Most people realize that if their initial search doesn't turn up good results, it's more effective to try different search terms than it is to browse through multiple pages of search results. So then it is imperative that your website appear within the first page or two of search results - the higher the better.

Direct Knowledge provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help you get the high rankings that you need. We'll help you identify the keywords and phrases that your customers are searching for and we'll help you prioritize them so that we can target the most often searched keywords. For 'local' businesses, we'll also identify geographic terms (e.g. nearby cities) and include both topical and geographic keywords within your pages. We'll create meta tags (that is 'HTML Titles' and 'meta descriptions') to help your pages stand out within the search results. We'll help you create quality landing pages both to improve search engine rankings and to provide a quality experience for people who view the page.

In addition to SEO, we will also help you manage your online presence via directory websites like Google Places, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local and via social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. We'll help people find your site and ensure that they have a good impression once they've found you.

Focus on Membership Organizations

Direct Knowledge offers ActiveK, a full-featured content management system, with features well-suited to the requirements of membership organizations such as associations, clubs, churches, and neighborhood associations.   more

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