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Requirements Definition

Based on the strategies that we have developed, we need to identify the specific requirements for the project. What objectives need to be met? What information needs to be presented? What functionality needs to be delivered? What volume of activity do we need to accommodate (e.g. hits, bandwidth, users, transactions, database entries)?

The requirements definition represents the road map for the project including detailed specifications and measurable objectives. We will work with your staff to consider all facets of the project:

  • Website visitor analysis (i.e. who visits the site and why?).
  • Graphic design requirements (i.e. what should the website look like?).
  • Design and content requirements for the website’s home page, for various sections/features within the website, and for each type of page within the website.
  • Interactive features requirements (e.g. ‘calendars, ‘database applications’, ‘search’, etc.).
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) requirements.
  • Update requirements for each section and/or page within the website (i.e. who will update the content and how?).
  • ‘Admin’ requirements for ‘user management’, ‘content management’, etc.
  • Integration requirements for systems/data to be integrated with the website.

Focus on Membership Organizations

Direct Knowledge offers ActiveK, a full-featured content management system, with features well-suited to the requirements of membership organizations such as associations, clubs, churches, and neighborhood associations.   more

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