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Internet Strategy

Whether building the next or an online presence for your business, you need to form a strategy before you start to build. Direct Knowledge will help you ask the right questions. We will help you come up with answers that will work both in the short-term and over the span of several years.

Business Strategy

You need to integrate your business strategy with your plans for using the web. We will help you answer critical questions that will help you understand the scope of the project, so that we can build an effective and evolving web presence:

  • How, over time, do you see your web presence complementing your business model?
  • Will your web presence be primarily a marketing/advertising mechanism or will you increasingly conduct business via the web?
  • What internal resources do you have (will you have) for producing web content and managing your web presence?

Answers to these questions will help us understand the scope of projects to build an ongoing, effective web presence.

Communication Strategy

You need to expand your communication strategy to include web communications, both via the website email. All too often, websites are built by techies and engineers, who certainly know their technologies and products very well, but who haven't considered the needs of the audience. Websites are often built as monoliths, great piles of communication stuck out in the middle of the Internet for all to view, without any plans for periodic updates or customer interaction. We will help you answer key questions and work to involve all aspects of your business including sales, service, and executive:

  • Who is your audience (e.g. 'customers')?
  • What do you want to tell them (e.g. 'we are a great place to buy things')?
  • What do you want them to do (e.g. 'buy our products')?
  • What relationship do you want to have with them (e.g. 'they come back often to buy more')?

Answers to these questions are crucial to help us build the right things for the right people.

Technology Strategy

You need to devise a technology strategy for your web presence to integrate with your business, communication and existing technology strategies. You need to answer the following questions:

  • What resources, including both technology and people, do you have (will you have) to contribute to web projects?
  • How does your web presence need to be integrated with your existing information systems?
  • Given your target audiences, and the functionality that you plan to offer, what development technologies should you use (e.g. systems, languages, databases)?

Answers to these questions will help us deliver a solution that works for both your staff and your audiences, both now and into the future.

Focus on Membership Organizations

Direct Knowledge offers ActiveK, a full-featured content management system, with features well-suited to the requirements of membership organizations such as associations, clubs, churches, and neighborhood associations.   more

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